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Bloomberg Terminal


PIMS introduced Bloomberg Terminal in the campus for students to access the real-time financial data, news and analytics to know each and every update in the market. Bloomberg basically pools publicly and privately available information from sources such as the World Bank to the New York Stock Exchange and many other exchanges around the world and merges it together on one platform. PIMS Students are assisted in the Industry & Company analysis with research insights, concepts, theories and the best practices in financial markets. Bloomberg Terminal in PIMS connects our students to a network of 2.5 million financial professional users and an incomparable scope and depth of Financial Information. Bloomberg Terminal inside the campus benefits PIMS students in:

  • Historical time series analysis in Equities, Derivatives, Fixed Income, Capital Structures, Foreign Exchange &Commodities Markets
  • Access to Cross-asset & Real-time data of 24000+ companies around the world on 360+ exchanges
  • Public and private company accounting data and corporate finance dataset
  • Portfolio and risk analytics and historical back-testing
  • Peer-ranked, customizable investment simulations
  • Global economic data for macroeconomic analysis
  • Global M&A and IPO database