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Corporate Interface


To develop the entrepreneurial mind, PIBM has created Innovation Incubation Centre where the focus is on the research study of different aspects of industry. Purpose of this Centre is to engage faculty, students and institutional resources in research based projects which are of direct application for the industry.

PIBM's innovation incubation center is a platform for supporting and executing several projects that have developed and are developing industry specific solutions and strategic insights, for private organizations as well as government bodies. The research work which is done and compiled by the faculty and the students of PIBM, which eventually helps students to know the requirements in the industry.

To develop Research & Analytical Skills, students undergoes unique pedagogy, SOPs and various important documentation. Some of the recent research projects are:

  • Automation of recruitment and selection:
    This research practices on identifying the online tools which can be used for streamlining the recruitment process in this era
  • Research on the issues of urban areas
    Study about the urban areas, its infrastructure, people management and waste management which will in turn help the industry in long run

PIBM concentrates on different areas of research in management field and publish it in regards of manuals. This helps students to explore their horizon in the particular domain, get exposure about the trend in current era, helps in further research and all-round development of students.

Some of these are:

  • Training and Development Manuals
  • Recruitment Manuals
  • Sales and Distribution Manuals
  • Retail Management Manuals